Occupy Wall Street

I think OWS is a great movement, although I can’t say that I agree with the anti-free market, anti capitalist undertone that it seems to have started with. I personally think that ‘Occupy K Street’ would be a more appropriate foundation for this movement, given that it is K Street where the root of what ails us happens. Wall Street is not innocent, however I believe that they are byproducts of our problems, as opposed to the true source. Though the movement is largely anti-capitalist, the people that they have problems with are essentially the same people I have issues with. This is why I think that some good could come from this, because even though both the anti-capitalists and pure capitalists have totally different diagnoses and prescriptions for our economic problems, the thing we do unite on is the idea that the current system set up and perpetrated by the members of government and large corporations does not benefit the ‘99%.’  I think that understanding will lead us to where we need to get eventually, although we are going to clash at some points given the differences in viewpoint. The interesting alliance of Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul shows that this can happen even in the halls of government, even though I don’t consider either of them to be ‘politicians.’

More on OWS at a later date though, I just wanted to post this video of an OWS protester that I feel encapsulates how the capitalists among us feel.


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